How to update model geometry and save or load material sets in Lumion 5

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How to update model geometry and save or load material sets in Lumion 5

Since Lumion 5’s user interface is a bit different the question was raised from a new user on how to update geometry when the project geometry has changed in the Lumion model. Another question was how to load and save material sets.

Here is a video tutorial on the pre-Lumion 5 way of loading and saving material sets and video tutorials on the loading and updating geometry (see tutorial 07.02 and 07.03)

Make sure your project is loaded in Lumion 5. Click on the Edit Material bucket icon at the bottom of your User Interface as shown in the image below.

Edit Material in Lumion 5

This will require the user to select the model to work with, as there might be more than one model in the project. Click on the origin marker of the model.

Lumion 5 Model Origin Marker

Once you have clicked the marker the material box will appear where you normally assign materials etc. However, click on the top right hand side of the box on the options button as shown.

Lumion 5 Material Options

This will open up the options settings where as you can reload the model geometry or reload from a new file. You will use this feature if the model geometry has changed in the original file and you want Lumion geometry to be updated.

Reload Lumion 5 Model Geometry

The option at the bottom is called material set. Inside this option you can save or load material sets. (See below.) You will use the material sets feature to save your assigned materials into an MTT file and to name it. You can then later apply this material set to a future Lumion project model that may have the same layers structure (or load again onto the same model if needs be.) This feature works well for models coming from Revit as Revit has a very static category/layer structure between different projects.

Saving and Loading Material Sets in Lumion 5

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