Whats New out of the Box Inventor 2015 – From start to sketch

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Whats New out of the Box Inventor 2015 – From start to sketch

It is always interesting and exciting getting the latest Inventor to see what juicy surprises Autodesk has in store for you.

If you haven’t installed yet and would like to know more about the Inventor 2015 read on.

From the start you get a nice surprise with Inventor having a cleaner look to its ribbon.

Inventor 2014

inventor 2014

V.S. Inventor 2015

inventor 2015

Not everything is crammed into this already pretty full ribbon. But if you do like having all the panels available for you never fear. You can enable/disable from the drop down menu on the right.

Inventor 2015 Panels

As I start my first sketch I notice that when I hover my cursor over the workplanes it tells you which workplane you are about to sketch on. XY,XZ or YZ.

Inventor 2015 WorkplanesInventor 2014 Workplanes

I like this as it makes designing a little more visual and it does not stop there. This is also true for any Workplanes that you create.

Work Planes for Splitting Part Inventor 2015

Getting into sketch mode you will notice that the ribbon here has also been cleaned up a little.

Inventor 2014

Inventor 2014 Sketch Mode

V.S. Inventor 2015

Inventor 2015 Sketch Mode

You will find the rectangle, slot and polygon commands have been grouped together:

Rectangle Command Inventor 2015

And the line and spline commands have been grouped together as well:

Line and Spline Commands Inventor 2015

Creating constraints has also had a makeover. How many times have you tried to create an extrusion and Inventor has given the little red cross of doom and you can’t find the coincident constraint that is missing to close the profile. Well we have some new tools that will help you with this.

Firstly we have very easy access to the constraint settings:

Constraints Settings in Inventor 2015

Going into this we see that we have some nice visual tools to control what we see with regards to the constraints as we are drawing, modifying and also just looking at the sketch.

Below you will see that we have 3 options whilst creating sketch geometry.

Sketch Geometry in Inventor 2015

Display constraints on creation

  • This allows us to visually see what constraints are being added as we create the sketch.

Display Constraints on Creation in Inventor 2015

You can see that between these 2 lines I have created a perpendicular constraint and there is also a coincident constraint that has been applied.

Show constraints for selected objects

If I select the sketch geometry this allow me to quickly see what constraints I have. The other way to see these constraints would be to select the line and then right click and then select show constraints. A little too many clicks for my liking.

Show constraints for selected objects Inventor 2015

Here I can very quickly see what constraints I have on my sketch.

Display Coincident constraints on sketch.

  • This displays the coincident constraints at all times regardless if the lines have been selected or not.

Display Coincident constraints on sketch in Inventor 2015

With nothing selected I can see the yellow dots which represent the coincident constraints.

So… Inventor looking good on the sketch side.

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