In today’s SMME businesses, IT infrastructure environments pose many challenges. Integration of incongruent technologies along with escalating pressure to reduce costs has shifted the focus when addressing small and medium sized business needs. Achieving cost-effective, scalable, and manageable IT infrastructure is the first step in en route to implementing effective and productive business strategies. At Micrographics, we partner with the likes of Microsoft, Dell, HP, Apple and many more OEMs to not only provide these solutions, but with many years of experience, we are able to interpret the vast possibilities available to you, ensuring you implement effective business systems. We offer expert IT consulting/support services, that we have traditionally only exposed to the CAD/CAE industries, and now provide them to all businesses wishing to improve their IT Infrastructure. We take a holistic, objective approach to IT by assessing your processes in the context of your business, and generate effective proposals for your requirements, including:

Servers (File, Application, Firewall, Email, Vault, etc)
Cable networking (Switches and Routers)
Wireless networking (WiFi Solutions)
Technical Support & Consulting
Service Level Agreements


Implementation of Servers, on both hardware and software levels in business today address a number of concerns, such as:
• Security – Intellectual Property issues, Anti-Virus Solutions of any size, Firewall solutions.
• Hardware Redundancy – Ensuring data is protected and available at all times, reducing downtime, and improving productivity.
• Cost Saving – Shared applications reduce the number of software licenses required, sharing common requirements and services.
• Business Standards – Ensuring users are subject to the same constraints and ensuring business uniformity.
• Administration – Reducing the administrative overhead of individual computers. By Partnering with industry leading Hardware OEMs, we are able to offer you market leading products with the very best reliability. Our technical team are able to deploy these platforms to suit your requirements, improving your productivity, protecting your business data and systems, and increasing your opportunities to do business



Connecting your computers together, along with mobile devices, such as your smart phone, tablets and other devices, we are able to maximise your ROI for hardware devices that increase not only your efficacy but increase your ability to be productive in all environments.
• Cabled networks have traditionally provided the backbone of business, and still do today, however the onslaught of mobile devices, requirement for doing business on the move has resulted in the requirement to integrate mobile and fixed computer systems.
• Using your laptop, tablet or smartphone effectively means incorporating these devices onto your business systems wherever you are in the world! This technology is becoming commonplace and we understand the need for these systems to be reliable.
• Using Kerio, Microsoft and other products we are able to deliver these solutions to you in a cost-effective manner, ensuring we minimise the amount of time you are out of touch with your business.

Technical Support & Consulting

At Micrographics, we believe that IT services are the fundamental backbone of all business systems in the modern age. It just isn’t good enough to have knowledge on its own anymore. We need to be able to express that now more quickly every day ensuring we are heard and seen more quickly than the day before.
By contacting us and requesting further information, assessments and advice, we are able to consult to you to provide these vital services. On-going support is critical to you, and our effort to maintain a 4hr response time, out of maintenance agreement, provides you with some of the very best support times in South Africa.

Technical Support



Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are quickly becoming vital components of any Business IT System. They ensure that you are never left without service or recourse, and assist to plan and schedule routine maintenance duties on your systems.
We offer custom generated SLAs to suit your needs.
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