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SANSCalc for Architects and Building Professionals
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This easy to use software program aids professionals not only to perform the calculations, but to create feedback on the results by means of a report that can be exported, printed and attached to your drawings and handed in to the local councils for building plan submission and/or for construction and management purposes. The program is built on a database architecture which includes all tables and information as per the SANS 10400-XA regulations. It also has all the formulas built in from SANS 10400-XA and other related documents meaning that calculation errors cannot easily be made. It further helps you to consolidate all your buildings within a project in one centralised database file.  You can prepare the calculations as you design the building and save the data. You can add to your project or change the data as the design develops. As you alter the data the software will guide you and give you a heads-up on your building project’s compliance. Existing projects can easily be accessed via the recent file list and be reviewed for as-built documentation and certification as well as for future work. Autodesk Revit software integration with SANSCalc Desktop allows users to export their Revit project detail and element data from drawings and models straight into SANSCalc Desktop to then complete calculations and investigate different options with regard to various material usage before concluding design. While starting your calculations from existing BIM data will help speed up the calculation process, SANSCalc Desktop will also permit users to enter all data manually should you only have physical drawings or non-Revit CAD data. The current version of SANSCalc Desktop contains all the modules and deemed to satisfy calculations needed to comply with SANS 10400-XA regulations, for example roof and wall insulation calculations, as well as peak energy demand and annual energy usage of lighting, as set out in SANS 10400-XA.
With the recent introduction of the building energy efficiency regulations of SANS 10400-XA as part of South Africa's National Building Regulations, it is now necessary that all new built structures should comply with the building energy efficiency requirements as set out in the SANS10400- XA, SANS 204 and other specifications. Most of these calculations are not too complex but some of them, like the fenestration calculations, are time consuming and error prone. This created a need for a speedier and more structured way to do these calculations. We have created SANSCalc Desktop to assist architectural building designers, technologists and professionals to compile these calculations faster and with more accuracy.
Performing the same calculations as the SANSCalc Desktop Version, SANSCalc Online is a web based application that gives you the flexibility to use a single license on multiple devices. There is no need to download and install the software at all!
SANSCalc is a standalone application used to do 10400XA calculations. A Revit add-in is available to transfer data between Revit and SANSCalc which helps capturing information quicker. This add-in is available for Revit 2012 to 2014. Add-ins for other CAD applications to follow.
SANS 10400 XA online calculator SANS 10400 XA calculator