Firstly I would like to mention that Autodesk has a very nice uninstall tool that uninstalls all the software of a particular Software suite. You can find this tool by search for programs named “Uninstall tool” on Windows 7/8. See below the screenshot of a Windows 7 search. I clicked on the Start button. Then typed the word to search for in the search area. See below.


It then found the Autodesk Uninstall tool and I can run that to try and uninstall various suite in one go.


Here is an example:


This tool can be used to uninstall multiple softwares at once saving time.

Often I have had issues with Windows Control Panel not wanting to uninstall Autodesk products for whatever reason. What I’ve done to overcome this uninstall issue in the past is to use a solution by Microsoft called: Microsoft FixIt Solution Centre.

In the Microsoft FixIt tool there are various different tool to accomplish different tasks but we are only interest in the Uninstall tool.

The main website URL is : and the landing page will look similar to the screenshot below:


Now to get to the uninstalling part you’ll need to click Windows button on the top. See (1) on the screenshot below. Then “Install or Upgrade Software’ as per (2). Then “Install or Remove Programs” as per (3). This will filter the list of tasks below and the first one that appears in the list is the one you need to Run. You can click on “Run Now”


You can also access the direct page by going to:


Once you have Run to tool you’ll see a progress screen similar to the screenshot below:


It will then get an Agreement of Terms screen. Please read the terms and click Accept to continue.


It will then go to the net screen and Click the recommended  option. See below.


Next, select the Uninstall Option :


It will now search the registry for all the Installed programs and you can select the appropriate one to uninstall from the provided list. Click Next.


Then finally click “Yes try uninstall”


This should then uninstall the software. Giving you feedback of the result.


You can then click Next and. then record your experience and click Next to finish.