Not too long ago Autodesk released Inventor service pack 1. I think the SP was online for a day or two before Autodesk realised that there was an issue with it. It was promptly removed and we had to wait another week or two for service pack 1.1 to be uploaded. Anyway, this is a highly recommended update and I encourage you to download it right away. The service pack can be found here: Inventor 2013 SP1.1

Then in December Autodesk released Update 1 for SP1.1. I know, it’s a lot of 1’s… Anyway this also is an equally important update and is addressing a few key issues. This update has now again been replaced by Update 2 and is a historical patch or Update. This means that it includes all the fixes included in Update 1 so there is no need to install Update 1 first. Grab it here: Update 2 for SP1.1

Remember that you fist have to install SP1.1 before you can install Update 2.

OK so go and update your Inventor 2013’s. As mentioned these updates for Inventor are highly recommended and we encourage everyone to Install them.