How to add an Image into a Revit Schedule

How to add an Image into a Revit Schedule

Since Revit 2015, a new feature has been incorporated into scheduling that might be very beneficial to most people. This feature allows showing an image file like a JPG in a cell in your schedule.

First you need an image file like a JPG or similar. A good way to get this image is to either download an image from the supplier’s website or to take a photo from the paper product brochure you might have. If you need an image from a component inside Revit you can set up a Camera View pointing to the object and then do a normal rendering and export the image.

Rendering and Exporting a JPEG from Revit

An alternative is to browse to the appropriate family within the Project Browser, right click and click Edit. (Make sure you are in a 2D view like a Floor Plan, otherwise the Edit button might not be available) In this example we’re using a chair.

Revit 2D View Project Browser

Once in the Family Editor, set up a presentation view (perhaps adding a camera view) and also setting the Visual Style to Realistic.

Revit Graphic Display Options

Once you have a set up the view, click on the blue R application button on the top left of your screen and go Export -> Images and Animations -> Image. (If you don’t see the ‘Images and Animations’ section be sure to scroll down the dialogue box)

Saving Image and Animation Files from Revit

Create and name the image on your hard drive.

Now that the image is set up, create a furniture schedule as an example. Make sure you add ‘Image’ as a field.

Revit Schedule Properties

Click Ok. (You can Filter the lists and also Group similar objects together, but for this exercise we’re skipping these tasks)

Now click inside the Image cell in your Schedule and then on the Continue button on the right hand side of the cell. See below.

Revit Image Cell

You’ll get a dialogue box which shows the current linked Images and you can add yours from your hard drive.

Adding Images to Revit

Managing Images in Revit

Click OK and the image file will be inside the Schedule.

Image Files in Revit Schedules

Remember: The image will only show once you insert the Schedule onto a Sheet.

Inserting Schedules Onto Sheets

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