Autodesk University South Africa 2017 – Intro

Autodesk University South Africa 2017 – Intro


This year’s Autodesk University South Africa was the best Autodesk show ever!

0 Autodesk University South Africa 2017 - Intro

Firstly Convention Centre in Century City lends a modern air to the event.

1 Autodesk University South Africa 2017 - Intro

Great facilities, catering and world class exhibitions (from the Lamborghini Aventador in the foyer, Virtual Reality from Micrographics, laser scanners, drones, 3D & 2D printers and a lot more).

2-4 Autodesk University South Africa 2017 - Intro

First some lit up ballerinas provided an audio-visual treat of ballet and modern dancing to dub step and jelly fish on the big screen:

3 Autodesk University South Africa 2017 - Intro

Then followed the best part of the show for me: the introductory lectures

A variety of speakers took the stage, showcasing what is currently on the bleeding edge of tech in the Autodesk World. I am dedicating a blog to what each of these speakers had to say, because what they have to share with us is important.

  • Callan Carpenter, Autodesk Vice President of Global Named Accounts
  • Tom Wujec, Autodesk Fellow
  • Tatjana Dzambazova, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies

Clearly the future lies in advances in computing and means of production. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, generative design and reality capture being some of the most interesting topics. Each of these speakers are uniquely positioned to comment on their efforts to bring this new technology to the world in a friendly, sustainable and profitable way. Clearly having a brain and being educated is no longer sufficient to survive in a world of infinite computing. If one does not become something else within the timeframe the tech is going to transform the world, one will become obsolete. New smartphones have incorporated dedicated Artificial Intelligence chips. These are going to stream data and use cloud computing like never before. Are you ready for the new world?

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