Creating a Civil3D Surface in South Africa

Creating a Civil3D Surface in South Africa

In Autodesk Civil3D you can create surfaces many ways but in the process below I’ll show you one way using a points file. The process below focuses on the workflow.

Open a new Civil3D file using the RSA Country template. They country kit comes with Civil3D but you can also install it afterwards. If you require more information on the Country Kits you can visit this site :

See below:


In the Toolspace go to the Settings Tab. Right Mouse Click (RMC) on the Drawing file editing the Drawing Settings. See below:


Set the appropriate zone and click Ok. See below:


Now go to the Insert Tab -> Point from File. Select the CSV points file.  Set the Advanced options at the bottom of the dialogue box and click Ok.


Note the TXT file below was the original I received from the architect and I change it for Revit into a CSV file format. I am now using that same CSV file for Civil3D.



In Civil3D go Zoom Extents to show the imported points.

In Prospector RMC Surfaces and Create Surface. Give the new surface a name and style eg RSA_contours 1m and 5m.


Expand the Surface and the Definition. RMC on Point Groups and Add the _All Points group as Definition.


Now you’ll have surface.


Go to Layout1 tab. Select the viewport and set to 1:5000 scale.


Add a north arrow.


Zoom into the North arrow and click the Arrow to size.


You can also set the Arrow to face up using the “Reset to North-Up” tool. (note the drawing in the Viewport auto adjusts) See below. Also see the matching comparison between the surveyor’s AutoCAD DXF and the Civil3D surface below.




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