Define Door Panel Family

Define a new family using the Metric Generic Model family template
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2015\Family Templates\English Metric\ Metric Generic Model.rft
Save it as a new custom family
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2015\Libraries\PS\Doors\External Doors\Door Panels\ dp1.rfa
We are creating a door with a pet access hatch, a little window and some door handles.
Assign the correct Family category and parameters. To do this click on <Modify><Properties><Family
Categories and Parameters>

Define-Door-Panel-Family-1 Define Door Panel Family

Select <Doors> and accept the default parameters and click <OK>

Define-Door-Panel-Family-2 Define Door Panel Family

This allows us to assign the components we create in this family to the sub-categories of the door family.
Because we are creating this door panel to be attached to the hinge point we created, special care must
be taken as we want the family to be flexible when included in the host door family (the width and
thickness must be defined from the edge of the door that is to be hosted to the hinge point).
Define the following locked parameters for the door panel (they are all family parameters of common
discipline, length type parameter and grouped under dimensions; the subscripts d, h and w refer to
depth, height and width respectively). All the parameters are Type parameters.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-3 Define Door Panel Family

We now create reference planes as follows, with their names being equal to their parameter values:

Define-Door-Panel-Family-4 Define Door Panel Family


Notice that the main reference planes are locked, so the other reference planes will flex with reference to them.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-5 Define Door Panel Family

Work in the Front Elevation View. Set the workplane to < Center (Front/Back)> and create the following extrusion. Accept the default properties for the extrusion.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-6 Define Door Panel Family

In 3D

Define-Door-Panel-Family-7 Define Door Panel Family

View the extrusion in the <Ref. Level> Floor Plan.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-8 Define Door Panel Family

Align and lock the extrusion end to the dp1_d reference plane.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-9 Define Door Panel Family

The depth, length and width of the door panel now flexes with the parameter values. Select the extrusion again and assign the correct sub-category to it.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-10 Define Door Panel Family

Load into the door panel family the face based handle we created earlier. Note it automatically snaps to faces we place it close to. <Create><Model><Component>

Define-Door-Panel-Family-11 Define Door Panel Family

Define-Door-Panel-Family-12 Define Door Panel Family

View the handle in the front view and create locked dimensions to constrain it to the face of the door panel.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-13 Define Door Panel Family

Work in the <Ref Level> Floor Plan and mirror the handle to the other side.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-14 Define Door Panel Family

Define-Door-Panel-Family-15 Define Door Panel Family

Work from the Back Elevation and once again constrain the handle using locked dimensions.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-16 Define Door Panel Family

It is left to the reader to create the appropriate detail on the door and to assign the correct sub-categories to it. I added frames to the front face of the door (which, when inserted into the door family, will denote the interior face of the door) around the openings and a pane of glass in the top opening.

Flex the door panel to test it.

Define type material property parameters for the Door Handle as well as the Door Panel.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-17 Define Door Panel Family

Assimilate the Door Handle Family material type parameter with the Door Panel Family material parameter created for the door handle. Select the nested Handle and <Edit Type>, then assimilate the appropriate parameters.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-18 Define Door Panel Family

Select the door panel components and <Edit Type>. Assimilate the Door Panel Material parameters to the Door Material Parameters.

Define-Door-Panel-Family-19 Define Door Panel Family

Save the file.

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