Door Wall Thickness Reporting Parameter

Door Wall Thickness Reporting Parameter

On a door or window schedule it is often advantageous to know the thickness of the wall into which the doors or windows are placed. In this case a shared instance reporting parameter can be used.

Create a shared parameter for the wall thickness.

<Manage><Settings><Shared Parameters>


Browse or create a shared parameter text file.


Create a new shared parameter group for Wall Inserts.


Create a shared parameter for the wall thickness within this shared parameter group. It must be of common discipline, of type length and given an appropriate name (t_wall, in my case).


Select and then edit a door family in the project.


Load the Wall Thickness Parameter into the Door Family

<Create><Properties><Family Types>


<Family Types><New Parameter>


<Parameter Properties><Shared Parameter><Select>. Group the parameter under an appropriate heading (Dimensions). Make sure the parameter is an instance Reporting Parameter.


In a plan view, dimension the width of the host (wall).


Select the dimension and label it with the wall width reporting instance parameter.


Save and load the family into the project, overwriting the previous version.

Include the Wall Thickness Shared Parameter in Schedules

Insert the modified door family into a few walls of differing thicknesses.


Create a door schedule. <View><Create><Schedule/Quantities>



Include the wall thickness reporting instance parameter (t_wall) as a scheduled field.


Notice how the thickness of the wall into which the door is inserted into is now displayed.


This type of schedule can be of great importance when it is taken into account that a manufacturer or installer needs to know the thickness of a wall into which inserts are placed. This same shared parameter (t_wall) could just as easily be included in a window family so that that may also report the thickness of the wall it is placed into when included in a schedule.






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