How to fix the issue of : No Graphics Acceleration in AutoCAD

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How to fix the issue of : No Graphics Acceleration in AutoCAD

After installing AutoCAD 2015 on a year-old Dell Laptop, a customer had trouble enabling the hardware acceleration – even though he had an NVidia Quadro 1000M graphics card and the latest drivers. First I checked the Optimus dual NVidia graphics card settings in the NVidia control panel and I made sure the Global Setting was set to High Performance VGA Card.

NVIDIA Control Panel Global Settings

I also double checked that AutoCAD used the High Performance Card, although this did not make any difference.

NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings

AutoCAD read the Quadro card but still used the hdi software drivers.

AutoCAD Graphics Performance

I checked the service packs. Windows 7 Service Pack1 and AutoCAD 2015 SP0 was installed. So I installed AutoCAD service pack 2. Rebooted. No luck. Still the Hdi driver. I then Installed the Certified NVidia drivers from the “Autodesk certified hardware site” for the Quadro and they did not work. Here is the link:

I then repaired/reinstalled AutoCAD 2015, but that also did not work. I rebooted between each task and also checked that AutoCAD Sp2 is still installed.

After searching the internet, I downloaded and reinstalled DirectX11. I also checked via Dxdiag.exe that the Quadro is DX11 compatible – which it was.

On the forums they mentioned a couple of Windows System settings to make AutoCAD work with Dx9 instead of Dx11.

Control Panel System Settings

These settings enabled the Hardware Acceleration for AutoCAD.

I do think that on some laptops/graphics cards there might be a compatibility issue with AutoCAD 2015 and DX11. By allowing AutoCAD 2015 to use DX9, the problem of getting AutoCAD to enable Hardware Acceleration is solved.

Charl van der Merwe


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