Revit Add-in – Elum Tools

Revit is relatively good at rendering, but for analysis purposes it is often necessary to have some more information available when designing lighting in order to create a better design or to comply with set standards.

Elum Tools is a Revit Addin that can be used. Run a trial to investigate whether this software will be relevant to your company. Download the trial for Revit 2018 here:

Here is a good instruction video:


To activate the trial, click on “Activate License” in the Elum Tools tab.

1-3 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

Click on “Register Trial (step 1)”

2-3 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

Fill out the required details.

3-3 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

Click on “Activate Trial (step 2) to enter the license key that will be sent to your email.

4-3 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

To start using Elum Tools, click on “Initialize Project”. This alters / upgrades the project so that the analysis may work.

5-3 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

6-2 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

It might be a good idea at this stage to view the instruction video. Essentially one is able to create an amazing render in a space, showing the effects of lighting.

7-2 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

8-2 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

In addition, one may view the analytical lumens value on any theoretical plane through the space.

9-1 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

This might be on the walls, floor, or a plane above the floor (is there enough) or away from one of the other space boundaries.

10-1 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

The values may be viewed in a color scheme.

11-1 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

Here is an analytical representation of the lumens value on the space boundaries.

12-1 Revit Add-in - Elum Tools

Clearly Lumen tools is an invaluable Add-in for use by a lighting designer that would like to know a more detailed effect their design will have on spaces. Contact Micrographics if further information or assistance is required leveraging this great app to your advantage.

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