How to do a sub-element animation in Lumion

How to do a sub-element animation in Lumion

Using Lumion to do a sub element animation e.g.: let a building’s roof fall into place.

A customer asked us to assist in that they want to do sub element animation using Lumion.

If you don’t have Lumion software you can try the process below on your own by requesting and downloading a free demo version of Lumion 5 from

To show them the process we used the Revit demo project and exported twice using the Revit to Lumion Bridge found on the Lumion Site: or on Autodesk Exchange Site

One DEA file was of the building without the roof. I deleted the roof and then exported the rest.

Lumion sub element animation 01

I then undid the roof deletion. Selected the roof and isolated the roof. Then exported to the second DEA file.

Lumion sub element animation 02

Once you have the two DAE Lumion files you can insert them in Lumion.

Lumion sub element animation 03

Now you need to align them by click on the Move mode and then window select both items so that each items selection node turns blue.

Lumion sub element animation 04

Now click the Context Menu (spanner icon) and click on the house’s blue selection circle -> Transformation and Align.

Lumion sub element animation 05

The two objects are now aligned. You can now create the video by clicking on the video icon on the right of the screen and creating the video. For this exercise I clicked the “Take Photo” Icon three times without moving the camera. Creating an 8sec still movie.

Lumion sub element animation 06

I’ll now add the roof moving effect.

Lumion sub element animation 07

And then edit this effect to be added to the 8sec duration of the video.

Lumion sub element animation 08

Moving the Roof vertically upwards.

Lumion sub element animation 09

I’ve now added two additional key frame phots making the Entre Video 12s long.

Play the video and present.

Here is the start: notice the roof position.

Lumion sub element animation 10

Halfway into the video…

Lumion sub element animation 11

And the end of the effect at 8secs.

Lumion sub element animation 12

Now there is an additional 4s that the roof rests as the video ends off completing the roof movement effect.

Lumion sub element animation 13



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