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Autodesk Data Translators

One of the things that I do not think a lot of people realise is that you should not have many data translation issues from other mechanical software vendors [...]

By | 2017-10-11T08:11:55+00:00 September 20th, 2017|

Inventor and Configurator 360

Inventor is able to upload the model for Configurator 360 straight from within Inventor.  If you access the Autodesk A360 tab you will notice an Upload to Configurator button. [...]

By | 2017-09-28T16:55:58+00:00 September 20th, 2017|

Autodesk University South Africa – Tatjana Dzambazova

Tatjana Dzambazova, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies, recently spoke at Autodesk University South Africa as part of an introductory session: Some interesting applications is found for photogrammetric reality [...]

By | 2017-09-28T16:58:47+00:00 September 17th, 2017|
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