3DS Max – a journey started

3DS Max – a journey started

When Product Design Suite was first released, one of the packages that was included was 3DS Max Design.  This package was the natural upgrade from Autodesk Viz which was discontinued a few years ago.

3DS Max Design was different to 3DS Max as it was tailored more for the architectural and Manufacturing side and as 3DS Max was tailored more to the Media and Entertainment industry.

When the 2016 release of Autodesk products was made available 3DS Max design was dropped from all Deign Suite packages and replaced by 3DS Max.

I have never really gotten into 3DS  Max as I was a bit scared of this package.  All I had heard from everyone who had ever looked at or played around with it was that it was a big scary monster that hid under your bed at night and came out when the lights went out.

I finally decided to take the plunge after 13 years in the Autodesk channel to try my hand at it.  (okay I lie, my sales people scheduled a course and I was forced to learn it) and it is not so scary.

Probably the biggest challenge is learning the interface and where to go after you select something.

Creating objects in Max is very similar to AutoCAD’s primitives and manipulating them was very similar too.  In Max it is called the modifier and in AutoCAD it is properties.  Manipulating position,scale and rotation I would say is even EASIER than AutoCAD.

The sketching hasn’t been too bad but as technical drawings go I would rather quickly draw it up in AutoCAD and then quickly import it into Max.

So in conclusion, if you are wanting to learn 3DS Max but are scared by all the rumours of it being really difficult, I say it’s not.

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