3ds Max Transform Tools

3ds Max Transform Tools

3ds Max Transform Tools

One of the tools that will be used most often is the Transform tools.  These consist of the Move, Rotate and Scale Tool.

Move – This transform tool moves the selected objects either in your X, Y or Z direction.  Having 4 viewports visible makes it easier to see exactly how the object is being manipulated and where it is situated in the scene.  If you only had 1 viewport open in an Isometric view, when you move the selected object then you might be moving it in 2 directions which could be into the screen.

Below you can see the transform gizmo.  If you select the arrowhead you will be able to move the object in that direction.  To remember which arrow represents which axis, Red, Green, Blue (RGB) XYZ =RGB

  • Red – X
  • Green – Y
  • Blue – Z

If you select the XY plane it will move along that plane.  If you select the XZ plane it will move along the XZ plane and same for the YZ plane.

1-8-1200x728 3ds Max Transform Tools

When the Move,Scale or Rotate transform tool is active you will see a red/green/blue gizmo situated at the centre of the selected objects. 

1-4-1200x730 3ds Max Transform Tools

The Scale Transform tool allows you to scale the objects either uniformly or non-uniformly.

Transformed in 1 direction

1-5-1200x728 3ds Max Transform Tools
1-6-1200x728 3ds Max Transform Tools
1-7-1200x728 3ds Max Transform Tools

The Rotate Transform Tool will rotate the selected objects around the X, Y or Z axis by selecting the Red, Green or Blue circle you see positioned around the selected object.

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