Activating Your Autodesk Product

Activating Your Autodesk Product

Activation Limit Reached?

What happens if I activate my product too many times?

How many times is too many?

What if my computer crashes or is stolen and I need to install my software again?

If these are some of the questions that cross your mind just before installing or activating your Autodesk product, sit back and relax as this blog will ease your concerns. It will cover how activation works and what to do if your serial key is already over activated.

Firstly we will tackle how activation works. In most cases this is a pretty straight forward event ending in your software either being activated without hassle or ending in tears with a call to your local reseller. Read further to learn how to avoid the latter.

Activating a new product (not linked to an old serial number or account)

If the software is not an upgrade from a previous version or is not linked to an account the following will have to be done. You, the end user, IT technician or your reseller’s technician will have to enter information to register the software to an account. To see a step by step guide on how to activate and register you Autodesk software click here.

Activating upgraded software (linked to an existing account)

In the case of upgraded software the new serial number is automatically linked to an existing account and the activation procedure is shortened. All that needs to be done is to submit the request code through the activation wizard and activation should be immediate. Below are the steps required for this.

  1. Launch the software, select “Activate” on the activation window. If the software was installed as a trial version you will have to fill in the serial number and click next.
    2013-04-23-10-13-06-AM-300x271 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    Click here to begin activation.

    Serial-300x274 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    Enter your serial number and product key.

  2. If the serial number is correct the “Product License Activation Options” window comes up and you can select an activation method. If you have an internet connection select “Connect now and activate! (Recommended)”. You may need to log in to your browser to enable your internet access.
Activation-options-300x262 Activating Your Autodesk Product

Connect now and activate if you have internet and want to activate immediately.

  • The Activation wizard will connect to the internet and process your request and if successful will return with the “Thank You For Activating” screen. Click “Finish” and your product will be activated.
  • Activation-success-300x242 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    This will show upon successful activation.

    Unfortunately things don’t always run as smoothly as expected. There are a couple of errors that can occur during activation, these can either be internet related or activation related.

    Internet related issues mainly deal with the connectivity of the Activation Wizard and the Activation server. This will result in the screen shown below and is generally caused by restrictions on internet usage or no internet connection at all. This can be avoided by ensuring there is an active internet connection and activating while logged on with an administrator’s account with unrestricted internet access.

    Internet-Connection-300x274 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    Make sure you have an active internet connection.

    The two major activation errors that can occur are the use of the incorrect serial number or product key and reaching your activation limit (a product can be activated twice without question , this is to accommodate a crashed/stolen pc). To solve the first issue check that the serial number and product key is correct for the software installed and to solve the second you will need to follow the procedure below.

    incorrect-serial-300x262 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    Make sure the serial entered is correct for your software and version.

    Activation-limit-reached1-300x136 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    This error lets you know your activation limit has been reached.

    Activation Limit Reached (Error 10)

    1. When you receive this error screen you are prompted to create a “Customer Service Request”. You will have to do this as there is no other way to activate your software if it has been over activated.
    2. Select the “Customer Service Request” link
    3. Fill in the required information, some questions will have multiple options, choose the option that is best suited.
    4. For stand-alone licenses no operation system or computer ID information is required
    5. Submit the information that you can supply. It may take up to 3 working days for Autodesk to reply with an activation code.
    6. Once you receive the activation code from Autodesk launch your product, select “Activate” and fill in the serial number if needed, then select “I have an activation code from Autodesk”. A series of text boxes will show and you can paste your full activation code into the first box. (It will automatically fill the rest.) Click “Next”.
    Ihavecode-300x274 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    Select this option if you have recieved an activation code from Autodesk.

  • If you are successful you will see the “Thank you for activating” screen. You many click “Finish” to complete activation.
  • Activation-success-300x242 Activating Your Autodesk Product

    This will show upon successful activation.

    For more product activation troubleshooting please refer to the Autodesk Support page below.

    Autodesk Activation & Registration Help

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