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It is very important to keep up to date with all Service Packs, updates and hotfixes that Autodesk releases.  When installing any Autodesk software, the Autodesk desktop application will also be installed.  This monitors for any updates that are released by Autodesk, negating you having to manually go and find the update, download and then install it.  For an even more enhanced experience you should login with your Autodesk account.

In a large organisation it is not ideal for everyone to individually download the updates to their own individual PC’s because a lot of data can be consumed and if the download is say 600MB then 5 people would take the data consumed to be 3GB.  The download manager allows you to download to a common network location.  What happens then is that before it downloads the service pack, the manager will first look to see if it has been downloaded previously.   If it has it will begin installing from the network location.  If it has not then it will download to the network location for other users to install from.

To access the settings for this click on the drop down next to your name (if you have logged in) and click on settings.

In the download file directories you have the options to either download to a local directory or if  you are going to setup for a large company, you can setup that it poin

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