Create Title Blocks in AutoCAD

Create Title Blocks in AutoCAD

Today we learn how to quickly create title blocks in AutoCAD.

Create your title block using rectangles and lines. For the Company, Draughtsman and Date use the Mtext command.

AutoCAD Mtext Command

For the next line of text use the define attribute command.

Define Atributes

The attribute definition dialog box looks like this. Type in your tag. This cannot have any spaces in it. Type in a prompt to remind the cad operator what information needs to be populated.

You can then have a default value here which is static or you can leave it blank and have the value change for each drawing that you create.

AutoCAD Attribute Definition

Next to default you will also see a button on the right that allows you to insert Fields. This will allow you to automatically insert information like the date.

AutoCAD Field Dialog Box

AutoCAD Field Dialog Box 2

AutoCAD Field Dialog Box 3

The text circled in red is the attributes. The last one , date, is a field attribute.

Once you have got to this stage you will then create a block out of everything.

  • Click on the create block button

Create Title Block in AutoCAD

  • Then you will fill in all the details

Title block definition in AutoCAD

  • Click on OK.

If you delete the block you can bring it back in using the insert block button.

Insert Title block in AutoCAD

Once you insert the block this dialog box will pop up.

AutoCAD Title Block Attributes

You can see that there are a few dash lines next to date. This tells us that it is a field and will be automatically populated so we do not need to worry about that.

The next two lines you will see need to be populated.

AutoCAD Title Block Edit Attributes

AutoCAD Title Block

You have now created your title block.

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