Inventor 2017 R2 and R3 enhancements

Inventor 2017 R2 and R3 enhancements

In Inventor 2017 it is easier now to check relationships between sketches, features,parts and assemblies.  Imagine you receive a file from somewhere else and you need to now make changes.  You make your change and the model explodes into tiny little pieces.  Now you have to troubleshoot and find out exactly what went wrong, where it went wrong and how to fix it….and it was not an easy task.

Inventor 2017 now has a mechanism to find relationship either in the parent level or children level of a feature, sketch, part or assembly that you are investigating.

1 Inventor 2017 R2 and R3 enhancements

Something I have seen more and more of is that companies would like to share/teach the knowledge that has been obtained through different projects.  You always seem to have a power user who does all these wonderful things with awesome tools but he or she normally does not have the time to teach you.  Inventor has some excellent Guided tutorials which will help you whether you are a novice or an expert.  Even if you have been using Inventor for years there is always something new that you can learn.

The user interface has also seen many improvements and it just keeps getting better and better.  Users want to be able to customize everything and Autodesk seem to be giving them that in plenty.  I also like the fact that Inventor supports 4K monitors throughout the program so you do not have to strain your eyes or have squished icons when working in any environment.

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