Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Let’s take a look at the Render Directly in Software vs. Render in Cloud.

I started off with a simple room in AutoCAD applied materials, lights and some camera views.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-01 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

I did a render in AutoCAD with and without an environment. The time that it took for these renders was between 30 and 70 minutes. The resolution of the renders was 1280 x 1024.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-02 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-03 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

The render without the IBL environment. Render time 1 hour plus.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-04 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

The render with the IBL environment. Render time 40 minutes plus.

I then did the same render views in the Render in Cloud option. This is the results.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-05 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-06 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Render in Cloud: Quality not so great but you get a feel for the environment.

As you can see the Image Size is smaller than the desktop render. The reason that the first render from AutoCAD is 640×480 is that it is a free render to get a feel of how your render will look.

Let’s look at the steps of getting a render into the cloud.

Click on the Render in Cloud button which is situated on the right hand side of the Visualization ribbon.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-07 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

The following dialog box pops up which states that the render will be saved to your Autodesk account. It also gives the option of notifying you via email when the render has been done.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-08 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

One of the advantages of the cloud rendering is that it gives you the option of rendering just one view or all your views (if you have set out multiple camera views) and quickly get a feel of what the renders are going to look like without having to render each one individually on your PC.

Rendering-in-the-Cloud-09 Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

Once you have the renders in the Cloud you can then re-render with different settings. The low resolution renders are free while the higher resolution renders will have a cost attached to them depending on your settings.

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