What software should I use to render?

What software should I use to render?

Hello darkness my old friend. Eskom’s loadshedding again.

So this blog comes to you from my deep dark corner office because Eskom has decided to turn off the lights AGAIN, so I thought hey, let’s take a look at rendering (lighting included).

So you have been asked to do some renders for the job that you are working on and now you have the task of spending some good quality time applying lights and materials and backgrounds and and and…. but what product do you use?

Sitting in the Product Design Suite you have quite a few different options. If you have been designing in Inventor you could use Inventor Studio or the ray-tracing that is built into Inventor.

Ray Tracing

inventor Studio

inventor Studio 2

You also have Showcase which is a fantastic little real time renderer which we nearly lost. Yes, when Autodesk Product Design Suite 2015 was released they did NOT include Showcase.   Everyone was up in arms and then it magically appeared again. YAY!!!

Inventor Showcase

Product Design Suite also has Navisworks which allows you to bring in lots of models from many different software packages (not just Autodesk) and do some nice renders in there.

Autodesk rendering software

AutoCAD also has a rendering engine, so maybe you want to use that instead?

3D Studio Max Rendering

…and then there is the big daddy of them all. 3DS Max Design. This is the a slightly lesser version of 3DS Max and the rendering program that came after Viz.

I would put up some pics but I am still learning. Not as difficult as people would assume but I will get there and hopefully put some nice tutorials on, for you to also learn about this fantastic product.

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