How to Install Educational Licenses

This is a summary of the process to follow to register an educational facility with Autodesk, request licenses, download software and activate (e.g. AutoCAD 2018).

The official process is described here:

Observe all the products available for educational usage:

You should register your institution and log in. Thereafter request the licenses and you will get serial numbers.

You can use the normal downloaded software to install with downloaded from Autodesk Virtual Agent:

Should you not have the licenses yet you will be able to run the software as a trial for 30 days.

Before you install, please:

  • Make sure you are signed on as an administrator on the PC
  • Temporarily disable the Anti-Virus
  • Set your Windows User Account Control down to its minimum setting

To get your network licenses installed and working on your server it might be a good idea to have your IT service on hand, unless you are comfortable with the process.

Step 1

You can install the NLM Tools from the AutoCAD 2018 Installation files you copied onto the memory stick.

  • Start the installer for your Autodesk product.

  • Click Install Tools & Utilities.

  • Select Network License Manager and click Install.

  • On the server make sure the NLM tools is installed on the following directory. If not please reinstall:
    • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager

Step 2

  • Copy the attached .lic file into this directory:
    • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager

Step 3

  • Create a log file in this directory:
    • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager
    • Do this be creating a new text file and renaming it log.log
    • Note that is should not have a .txt file extension

Step 4

  • Open NLM tools and go to the Config Service tab. Do the following
    • Click each of the Browse buttons and browse and select the appropriate file as listed on the left egg: lmgrd.exe, lic file and log file you set up earlier.
  • Tick both boxes at the bottom of the dialogue
  • Click Save Service

Step 5

  • Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab.
  • Click the Stop server button. Wait 5 sec.
  • Click the Reread button. Wait 5 sec.
  • Click the Start button. Wait 5 sec.

Step 6

  • Go to the Server Status tab.
  • Click the Perform status button and look at the log. If should say that the license server is UP and if you scroll down it should list the number of licenses available and the number in use

Step 7

  • Make sure the server is allowing ports the following inbound ports
  • 2080, 27000-27009
  • If necessary also allow these ports for outbound direction

Step 8


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