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Process Automation Services

Micrographics provides process and design automation services to extend CAD tools and automate CAD processes -aiding employees to work smarter, not harder. 

Process automation lets engineers focus on high level design, rather than the mechanics of the drawing technology. With computer automated processes, it’s possible to eliminate repetitive tasks, increase speed and consistency, and condense processes to one or two mouse clicks.

With years of industry experience, our team will help you reach new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction by automating your firm’s laborious everyday Autodesk tasks.

Call us to find out how we can assist you in streamlining your business through process automation and view some of the automation we have designed and have for sale commercially:

Popular Automated Processes by Micrographics

SANSCalc Fenestration Software

This easy to use software program aids professionals not only to perform the calculations, but to create feedback on the results by means of a report that can be exported, printed and attached to your drawings and handed in to the local councils for building plan submission and/or for construction and management purposes.

The program is built on a database architecture which includes all tables and information as per the SANS 10400-XA regulations. It also has all the formulas built in from SANS 10400-XA and other related documents meaning that calculation errors cannot easily be made. It further helps you to consolidate all your buildings within a project in one centralised database file.

Autodesk Revit software integration with SANSCalc Desktop allows users to export their Revit project detail and element data from drawings and models straight into SANSCalc Desktop to then complete calculations and investigate different options with regard to various material usage before concluding design.

While starting your calculations from existing BIM data will help speed up the calculation process, SANSCalc Desktop will also permit users to enter all data manually should you only have physical drawings or non-Revit CAD data.

SANSCalc Fenestration Software

Tools for Inventor Applications

Over time we’ve developed many Autodesk Inventor based workflow and business process routing tasks that assist design teams to become more efficient with their work.

Tools for Inventor