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Simlab 3D PDF Exporter Add-In for Revit

SimLab 3D PDF Exporter Add-In for Revit

Revit users can easily export and share their 3D models in PDF format, making it possible for anyone with Acrobat Reader installed to view the 3D PDF file. The SimLab 3D PDF Exporter for Revit comes with a template designer enabling the user to create custom, personalised templates to export their 3D PDF files.

The plugin is supported on Revit 2013, and 2014 (32 and 64bit) and on Revit 2015 (64bit).

Export Using Customised Templates

The 3D PDF Exporter for Revit is a standalone application that enables the user to design visually appealing, custom- designed templates . The 3D PDF Exporter for Revit’s easy-to-use template designer also includes ready-made templates.

Embed 3D PDF files into HTML

The application is html-supported which means the Revit 3D PDF files can be embedded into an html document without any hassle. Ready-made html templates are included in the 3D PDF Exporter for Revit, but also allows the user to create their own custom html templates.

Merge PDF Files

Two or more PDF files can be combined, enabling the user to append a 3D PDF file with a company cover page or or other 3D PDF files. PDF files can be generated from different software applications, including WinWord, PowerPoint and Open Office.

Using the Revit 3D PDF Export Add-In

Registering a License

After installation of the Revit 3D PDF Export Add-In, the user automatically qualifies for a FREE 15-day trial and the application becomes immediately available in the ribbon under the Add-Ins tab in Revit. Once clicked, a dialog box wil open. Simply click on continue as indicated in fig 1.

Export a 3d Revit Model to a 3D PDF File

Before exporting 3D PDF Files from Revit, the user has the option to select or create a custom template or can just use the default template instead. With the template selected, click on the Export to PDF button in the Revit plugins ribbon. The application gives the user various options regarding the scenes and cameras to be used for the 3D PDF file export.

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Simlab Android / iPad exporter for Revit

Users are now able to export Revit models to .zim files making use of the SimLab Android / iPad exporter for Revit. These .zim files are readable by the FREE SimLab CAD Viewer for iPad/iPhone and Android application.

Using the SimLab Android / iPad exporter for Revit Add-in

After installation, the application will automatically register itself in Revit and will add a sub-menu under the plugins menu. New users automatically qualify for a FREE 15-day trial. Models can be exported simply by clicking the Export button in the new ribbon tab.

A License Dialog box will open. Click on Get Free Trial.

If this is the first time you use the Android / iPad exporter for Revit and you have not received a license file (*.sl), click on Get Free Trial (Fig.1) followed by Request a Trial License (Fig.2a).

Fill in the respective fields as indicated in Figure 3 and click on Request License. You will receive an email with a  “” file attached to it. Once you received the file, return to Revit and click on Export File. The dialog box (Fig.1) will open again. Click on I Already Received a License File (Fig. 2b) and then select the file in the email you received.

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