Integrated design and additive manufacturing with built in simulation

The 3D printing application for concept to creation design
Netfabb® includes streamlined build preparation abilities with tools for improving additive manufacturing designs, including 3D metal print simulation, to CNC post-processing.

Swift translation from 3D CAD designs to reliable prints

Netfabb® is an integrated application for additive manufacturing, design and simulation. Creating fast and efficient workflows, reducing errors and assisting you by decreasing the products time to market.

Seamless workflow that produces better results

  • Create customisable support material, repair mesh errors and streamlined workflows to boost your processes.
  • Leverage the most out of your parts, regardless of your 3D printing hardware.
  • Reducing print time and cost.

Distinguish yourself with seamlessly connected systems

  • Bring in new, leading edge products that surpass conventional design, materials and part creation.
  • Netfabb can be used with Fusion 360, Netfabb Simulation and several other leading packages.
  • Use generative design to rapidly create unique, varied products with greater performance and alternatives while making the most effective use of additive manufacturing.

Build preparation

Insert, assess, and restore models

Import from a large range of CAD formats and use the repair toolset to quickly mend broken files

Edit models for manufacture

Create production ready models by setting wall thicknesses, smoothing rough zones, and more.

Adjustable print supports

Locate any area that would need additional support and use assisted tools to create the additional supporting print material.

Automatic nesting

Optimise your prints by using the 2D & 3D algorithms, to make the most of your build envelope using.

Report Creation

Generate customisable reports with critical data for production and quotes.

Innovative toolpath

Create a development strategy and toolpath parameters with enhanced surface quality, density, and speed.

Mesh to useable CAD Data

Morph organic, natural looking meshes to representation models then export them to any CAD in STEP, SAT or IGES format.

Designed for additive manufacturing

lattice Infill

Produce lightweight parts with performance to suite your application.

Geometry optimisation

Generation from specified stiffness and weight based off loads and constraints applied to the part.

Integrated performance analysis

Use the built-in Autodesk Nastran simulation to query and confirm your design.

Optimisation built in

Confirm and optimise the lattice and skin to suit given load and decrease weight.

Printer integration

Lever the 3S (Selective space structures)

Fills solid volumes with pre-created or user defined structures to create customised material properties to suit your needs.

Integrated printer processors

Configure the Netfabb workspace to your workflow, from the most popular additive manufacturing printers.

Solutions for Printer OEM

Netfabb collaborates with printer manufacturers to integrate printing experiences that are configured for their specific printers.