Expert high-speed and 5-axis machining software for manufacturing

Produce accurate intricate parts with cutting edge CNC programming

Use PowerMill® 5-axis CAM software to program CNC strategies for 3- and 5-axis subtractive, high-rate additive, and Hybrid manufacturing.

Powermill CAM software allows powerful programming for the following 3- and 5 – axis manufacturing strategies
• Subtractive
• Additive
• Hybrid

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Resolve complex issues with Powermill’s dedicated CNC strategies

An extensive library of strategies assists in reducing the time to program with Powermill’s rapid toolpath calculations.

• Powermill’s highly efficient 3- and 5- axis NC code helps drive down times to machine components
• Powermill’s advanced editing improves control over toolpaths setup during programming
• Powermill automates the CNC programming toolpaths with the use of highly customisable templates and macros

Enhance CNC machine performance and calibre of components

  • automatically circumvent collisions and gouging
  • Simulate and verify the path of industrial robots as well as optimise and decrease the CNC machine paths
  • Peace of mind with simulation verification and optimisation of the CNC machine and industrial robot paths
  • Lights-out operations increases productivity
  • No operator. No problem. Powermill has you covered. Lights-out machining increases productivity for your workshop
  • Decrease the requirement of manual polishing
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Powermill interacts seamlessly with other Autodesk software

  • Powermill contains additional modelling tools to enhance the CAM programming
  • Enhance manufacturablity of mold designs
  • Quality assurance for manufacturing process using metrology
  • Create hybrid manufacturing processes