Produce intricate 3D geometry for multi-axis and high-speed CNC machining

Combining surface, solid and mesh modelling, PowerShape helps to produce molds, dies and other complex parts using additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing processes:

Boost CAM programming with flexible modeling tools - img

Increase productivity with flexible modelling tools for CAM programming

With the ability to create geometry, PowerShape better controls the PowerMill and FeatureCAM software with the ability to work with surfaces, solid and mesh data. 

Powershape is able to easily import and analyse third-party designs repairing faults that would complicate downstream workflows

Increase work output with manufacturing features that focus on modelling

PowerShape wizards assist in automating common modelling tasks for your product design which include creating core and cavity splits, electrode design and manufacture and automating rib capping for the EDM manufacturing process.

Work faster with focused modeling for manufacture tools img

PowerShape interacts seamlessly with other Autodesk software

PowerShape assists in manufacturing complex parts and using simulation and analysis tools optimizes the mold design. Once complete create 3- and 5- axis toolpaths as well as  verify, simulate and optimise your NC programs with Autodesk CAM software.