Fully integrated, automated nesting software for various materials and machines

Optimize use of your raw materials while boosting throughput

Trunest nesting software assists in the creation, optimization and manufacturing of nesting for numerous standard machines. TruNest works with a variety of materials including composites, wood, plastics, glass, sheet metal, cloth and leather.

Create highly efficient optimised nests utilizing any CAD data

  • Trunest will import any CAD file created in any software package.
  • Utilising advanced nesting algorithms Trunest generates extremely efficient nesting results.
  • Take advantage of intelligent, cost-driven calculations to augment the value of your inventory.

Insert Trunest into your existing workflow and systems to increase automation

Share information with your ERP/MRP systems to extract orders and view production status reports. With this link you can track all material inventories and offcuts. TruNest uses advanced algorithms to improve cutting strategies to reduce machining times which then reduces cost. Besides out the box post processing, TruNest can generate NC code from custom post processors as well.

TruNest features for manufacturing

TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, and TruNest Composites have many user-friendly features which allow you to optimise nesting, cutting and fabrication of parts.

Customized user experience

Customizable user interface

Greater security and fewer mistakes are achieved by creating user groups based on role or access level. (video: 1:09 min.)

Concurrent access

Multi User access allows operators to connect simultaneously to the software from various client computers.

Menu tree and ribbon control

The TruNest interface is highly customizable with the user being able to modify the dashboard, tree and ribbon menus for quick access to high traffic function and features. (video: 1:48 min.)

Viewport controls

After component data is imported and translated into the software you can utilise the same viewport to review, inspect and measure the generated nest. (video: 1:14 min.)

Facility filtering

Filter data using a explicit facilities, machines or both.

NEW | Themes

TruNest has introduced fluent themes with 2 light and 2 dark colour variants.

Server monitoring

TruNest has real time monitoring and data synching between the master and client database.

Server data syncs

The data synching between the server and the client allows users with enterprise solution access to experience greatly enhanced response times

NEW | Improved database syncing

Users can simultaneously extract data from a server-based database table as well as have additional control on the direction of the data syncs.

NEW | Time-based task execution

Schedule automated tasks on a repetitive basis

NEW | Date-range filtered display

Filter custom nest data according to date

NEW | CSV import and export

Once correctly configured, CSV data in non “en-US” format can be imported and exported via the action system or directly from the grid.

Part translation

Translate part data from many sources

SmarTran universal translater is utilised to ensure that all part geometries are correctly translated for nesting. (video: 1:08 min.)

Automatic part assembly

Metadata from the original CAD file is translated including properties like the part name, assembly name and material. (video: 1:19 min.)

Reverse engineer legacy data

CAD formats and NC coding from outdated CAD systems is converted into usable TruNest data.

Product data management integration

TruNest inserts parts for translation either manually or automatically from Vault and other PDM systems.

Scheduling and reporting

Order entry and scheduling

Increase nesting efficiency by adding additional parts or assemblies into an active nest anytime before the actual nesting of the components. (video: 1:07 min.)

ERP/MRP system integration

When integrated with an ERP or MRP system, TruNest will automatically schedule new orders and nest them based on the current workload of projects.

Barcode input and output

Barcodes can be generated for QR code scanners for tracking purposes.

HTML reports

Generate and utilise rich, customizable HTML-based nest reports.

NEW | HTML workspace

Open PDF and ASCII text files from a built-in HTML viewer. This can be utilised for viewing all internal reports.

NEW | Exact-match filters

Exact match and wildcard searches are supported for any text string.

PNG file support

PNG files are created to visualize nests and parts. They are also used for insertion into custom reports.


Etching and labeling

Parts can be directly labelled using pen markers, sticky labels and etched information.

Automatic common line cutting

With TruNest automatically recognising common lines between parts you can avoid unnecessary cutting motions.

Head-down logic for pierce reduction

Optimising the starting cut position, you can reduce to a minimum the number of pierces on each nest.

Skeleton cutting/auto destruct cycle

Machine safety is increased and unloading of parts is easily handled with the use of skeleton cutting and an auto destruct cycle.

Optimized saw/waterjet cutting logic

The automatic tool and cut sequencing of saw and waterjet combination machines is supported by TruNest

Linear nesting

Linear nesting of bar stock, extrusions and rods is supported through TruNest.

Automatic tabbing

Tabs are automatically created to ensure that parts do not shift or fall out during the cutting process.

Flat ply splitting

A list is created of any ply that does not fit on the roll ensuring that more accurate nests are created.

Double-sided routing

Routing tools can be programmed to automatically run on 2 sides of a part and then automatically create the part repositions

NEW | Fly cutting

Collinear segments are joined to form a continuous cut segment to allow a speedy cut to grid patterns. This negates slowing down the machine head as well as changing the cut direction at every grid intersection.

CNC postprocessors

Ply cutters

All major brands of composite ply cutters are supporting by TruNest Composites including the likes fo Autometric, Eastman, GFM and many more.

Multiple machine setup

Depending on cutting time and which machines are currently under workload, TruNest will automatically select the next available machine for any pending jobs.

Punch presses

All major brands of punch presses are supported with TruNest Multi-Tool. This includes standard punch as well as custom punch tool shapes.

Saw cutters

Automatic tool and cut sequence generation is supported by TruNest Multi-Tool for both manual and automatic saws.

Saw/waterjet combination cutters

Automatic tooling and cut sequence generation is supported for saw/waterjet combination machines by TruNest Multi-Tool.

Additional postprocessors

TruNest has included several new post processors for the support of additional machines.

Combination machining

Features are available for the following cutters
• Plasma
• Punch
• Combination Plasma/Oxy
• Combined Punch/Laser