Hardware and IT Infrastructure

In today’s SMME businesses, Hardware and IT infrastructure environments pose many challenges. Integration of in-congruent technologies along with escalating pressure to reduce costs has shifted the focus when addressing small and medium-sized business needs. Achieving cost-effective, scalable, and manageable IT infrastructure is the first step in en route to implementing effective and productive business strategies.

At Micrographics, we partner with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Apple and many more OEMs to not only provide these solutions, but with many years of experience, we are able to interpret the vast possibilities available to you, ensuring you implement effective business systems.

We offer expert IT consulting/support services, that we have traditionally only exposed to the CAD/CAE industries, and now provide them to all businesses wishing to improve their IT Infrastructure. We take a holistic, objective approach to IT by assessing your processes in the context of your business, and generate effective proposals for your requirements, including: