Software & Hardware Support

We provide professional support on all our products including :

  • Autodesk Software (Installation, Configuration and Customisation)
  • HP Large Format Designjet Printers (Service and “Breakfix” on all models)
  • Computer Hardware (We know how to set up hardware because we understand CAD!)
  • Network Infrastructure (Networks, Servers, Firewalls, Mail servers, Mobile phone integration)

Support Request Form


Technical Support & Consulting

At Micrographics, we believe that IT services are the fundamental backbone of all business systems in the modern age. It just isn’t good enough to have knowledge on its own anymore. We need to be able to express that now more quickly every day ensuring we are heard and seen more quickly than the day before.

By contacting us and requesting further information, assessments and advice, we are able to consult to you to provide these vital services. On-going support is critical to you, and our effort to maintain a 4hr response time, out of maintenance agreement, provides you with some of the very best support times in South Africa.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are quickly becoming vital components of any Business IT System. They ensure that you are never left without service or recourse, and assist to plan and schedule routine maintenance duties on your systems.

We offer custom generated SLAs to suit your needs.